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We are Lyman Kona Coffee Farms. We are a Kona Coffee ESTATE, and only about 100 farms -- out of 700 in Kona -- are in that category. This means that we (quality) control all phases of production of our single farm origin coffee. Both Kona Coffee Council and Kona Coffee Farmers Association (KCC, KCFA) have certified us "from seed to cup."

Based on requests, we give a two hour Coffee Tour at Lyman Kona Coffee Farms ($25.- charge per person; credit cards OK, cash preferred). They usually begin right after breakfast at our BnB Mango Sunset Inn -- at 8:30 or so. We usually need a minimum of four participants and non-guests must inquire ahead. Group Rates (8+) are available. For Groups, special times can be arranged. Of course you can take pictures of anything you want.

Click HERE to make register your intent by Email. Please include all possible dates and the number of participants. We will note your interest and do our best to make it happen for you. For non-guest Groups (5+), state desired starting time.



The Tour is all-inclusive and includes a cup of our coffee, seeing the Wet Mill, Drying Deck, Roaster, and Coffee Finish Dryer. After the Tour, participants are free to purchase our coffee and to roam anywhere.


The tour will cover:

  • How we got into this Adventure
  • Species, Origins and History of Coffee
  • Coffee on the Big Island  
  • Growing Conditions  
  • Processing Methods  
  • Quality Control  
  • Roasting, Brewing, Storage

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