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We are a "Certified Kona Coffee Estate", meaning, we produce exclusively our own "Single Origin", "Single Farm", "Single Terroir" Kona Coffee with organic control of all phases of production --"From Seed To Cup".

We offer a 90 min. Organic Coffee Estate Tour (click)

The farm is named after the Missionaries David and Sarah Lyman. They were invited by the King of Hawaii, founded a school in Hilo and are builders of the first wood frame house on the Island - now the oldest house in Hawaii and the center of the Lyman Museum in Hilo.

Missionaries David and Sarah Lyman

Hans, Marsha and Karen Eckert


Our Coffee Booth at a competition. Our coffee has won the KCC Gold or Silver Medal every year for five years in a row. Then we gave up -- too much work.


From Seed to Cup: we grow, we pick, we process, we roast, we sell, we drink.