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More About Our Farm


We produce only 100% Kona Coffee here at our Family Farm. Our whole operation is 100% Pesticide Free, 100% Herbicide Free, 100% Natural. Of about 800 Kona Coffee Farms, only about 60 or so are Certified Estates. We are both. Our "Farm Manager" is Karen Johanna Lyman Eckert (now 10). We named our farm after her 6th generation grandparents, David and Sarah Lyman. They came to the Big Island as Missionaries in 1832. They built the first wooden house on the Island (now center of the Lyman Museum in Hilo) and founded a school. Her daddy Hans Eckert is the only full-time worker on the farm, and boy, is it ever full-time! Her mom Marsha holds the purse strings and develops software.

We are doing our best to produce for you the Best Coffee in all of Kona, "a bright cup", and we have won multiple awards. We only work with, grow, and process our OWN Estate Coffee. No other coffee enters the farm or mill. No chance to have our own impeccable quality product diluted by lesser quality coffees. WE EXCLUSIVELY SELL FARM DIRECT -- from us to you or your store: no brokers or warehouses to slow down the time it needs to get from us to you. This means that our product is ALWAYS FRESH, and comes to you directly from us (we roast twice a week and ship immediately). We take our Quality Control Process very seriously and go through many extra steps to winnow out anything below the top quality layer (Marsha is ISO 9000 certified and has trained Hans well). Most coffee producers need 5-6 pounds of Coffee Cherry to produce one pound of roasted coffee. Here at Lyman Farms, we winnow so much out that the ratio is 1:8. Our coffee is always Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. The result is a fantastic cup of coffee: mild, with hints of Mandarin Orange and Milk Chocolate. Directly from our family to yours, and THAT makes us feel good.


Lyman Farms Coffee Talk

Current Newsletter: Coffee Talk December 2010
  • We passed all inspections from our organic certification agency, first by HOFA, then by ICS, plus the Hawaii Dept. of Health (roasting, packaging). We now are the proud owners of a "Certified Kitchen". This goes on annually.
  • New Product now available here:"Kona Natural/Kona Sweet"organic coffee. A superb specialty coffee made from carefully hand-selected super-ripe cherry, then sun-dried whole in their skin, picked over and over again, and then dry-milled. It takes ELEVEN pounds of Cherry to produce ONE pound of roasted Kona Sweet. Silky mouth-feel! See more...
  • Brand-New products: (1) Kona Coffee Cherry Skin Tea (yes, Tea)  (2)  Organic Coconut Candy See more...
  • We won both the Gold and a Silver Medal in the Organic Division at the KCC Cream of the Crop Tasting competition late July 2010
  • Great Web Specials still active
  • Please watch our Coffee Tour videos on Tube and new Farm and Family pictures on Lyman Farms on Face book . See the hot links to your right on this page!
  • See Our Previous Newsletters