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100% Certified ORGANIC Kona Coffee, Certified Kona Coffee Estate (by KCC & KCFA), 100% Certified Aloha

We are a "Certified Kona Coffee Estate", meaning, we produce exclusively our own"Single Origin", "Single Farm", "Single "Terroir" Kona Coffee and that we control the quality of all phases of production --"From Seed To Cup" - click for more details >

Made in America  Hawaii Organic Farmers Association - Certified Organic  USDA Organic  100% Kona Coffee Farmers - Hawaii USA  Hawaii Seal of Quality

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We are the only Home of
Organic Kona Natural!

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Our "manager" (daughter) Karen Johanna Lyman Eckert and her 6th generation Grandparents, missionaries David and Sarah Lyman.

Karen Johanna Lyman Eckert     Missionaries David and Sarah Lyman

Hans, Marsha and Karen Eckert

Hans, Marsha and Karen: our Coffee Booth at a competition. Our coffee has won the KCC Gold or Silver Medal every year for five years in a row.

The Lyman Farms Blog

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  • After nearly three weeks of having the tractor crippled by oil leaks, and more, it's finally running --after $1900n in labor and $200 in parts.... This is Easter Sunday, I've eaten "lunch" and am eager to get going to mow -- long overdue. Read More >
  • We actually completed another round of Bossiana fungus spray (against CBB beetle), plus various nutrients. Great relief. Doing this is horribly expensive, but needed to avoid being wiped out! Thanx 10% "Kona" coffee blenders, for bringing this horrible pest into Hawaii! Read More >
  • Organic Kona Coffee FarmsA hard kink, but unavoidable, is happening to us: One of our dear and very good WWOOF girls, who was going to stay 'till December, must rush home today for serious illness in the family. We wish her family the very best of luck.... Read More >

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Certified Organic -- from Seed to Cup